It takes a village to build a bookstore!

We want to take this opportunity to list and link to some of things we think are great! I'm pretty sure if you like us, you'll like this stuff too...

Lit Youngstown ~

A fantastic organization that sponsors poetry readings, author events, workshops and more. If you're looking for charitable cause and you have money left over after buying all your books, you should make a tax-deductible donation. We do.

Neighborhood Bookstore Podcast ~

Eric Harper is, without a doubt, the most natural podcaster I've ever heard. Check out his facebook page for information on upcoming podcast releases. Make sure to subscribe to "Neighborhood Podcast" through whatever podcast app you use. Full disclosure, I pop-up on these occasionally, but Eric's so good I can't even mess them up.

Author RW Franklin ~

Aside from being a fantastic writer in her own right, RW runs the Youngstown Writers Guild writing group. Check out RW's website for fantastic content including her blog and reading recommendations.

Renegade Toys ~ 6951 Market St, Boardman OH (Right Next Door) ~

Without a doubt, Youngstown's best toy store. They are also responsible for the weird noises you hear when shopping our romance section. A great place to drop off your spouse while you shop for a book.

WatchTower Heroes ~ 6 South Main Street, Columbiana OH

If I didn't own this shop, I'd want to own his. A great comic store that is not that far away. If you have key issues, I always refer people to this fair and honest dealer.

Pexels ~ ~~ Pixabay ~

Two great sources for free images many of which are used on this website.