Every Book Deserves a Chance to be Re-Read!

While we have recent, gently used and like new books from popular, best-selling authors, we love to receive books that LOOK USED, that have actually BEEN READ, and are DIFFERENT and UNUSUAL.

Unlike many of our competitors, the last thing we want to do is make POP! look like a used version of a corporate bookstore. You should always be able to find something surprising at a used bookstore.

However, it is estimated that over 4 million books were released last year and it is beginning to feel like at least one of each of them is sitting in our stock room waiting to be processed. Our space is limited and choices, unfortunately, need to be made. As a result, these are the guidelines for the books we take in.


We take in unlimited numbers (within reason) of books in the following categories for store credit:

  • Sci-Fi

  • Fantasy

  • Horror

  • Young Adult

  • History

  • Classics

  • Manga & Graphic Novels

  • True Crime

  • Paranormal/Witchcraft/UFO/Conspiracy Theory

What is a reasonable number? If you had to rent a uHaul, you should probably contact us first.

We no longer offer store credit for the following genres:

  • Romance

  • Religious books (including Bibles)

  • Craft Books

  • Cookbooks

  • Text Books

We are limiting the number of books in all other genres to 25 per visit. We feel like this gives you the opportunity to make room in your home for new books while not overwhelming the poor overworked owner of POP! so he can get these books to the store shelves as soon as possible.

WE DO NOT PAY CASH FOR BOOKS. If you believe you have something worthy of us making an exception, please email us at popabcstore@gmail.com.

We do, occasionally, pay cash for comic books. Please contact us prior to coming in if you are looking to be paid out in cash. Comics take more time and resources to evaluate. It is best for all parties if you contact us first.


We do accept donations of used books. When these books sell we make a donation to Lit Youngstown. We ask that your donations are made in reasonable amounts and follow the guidelines listed above.


We do not accept books that did not sell in church sales, library sales or estate sales. We do not accept coverless books. We do accept Advanced Reader Copies. We appreciate any effort to remove stickers and price tags.

If you believe you have items that we should break these rules for, please email us at popabcstore@gmail.com.